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 Railroad Depot
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Exhibit Building

Corner of  Hay Avenue
and Wolf Creek Street
Open for tours on the 1st Sunday of months March to November from 2-4 pm except on holidays and during inclement weather. Extra hours may be available on request.

Adults - $2.00
Children 6 to 16 - 50 cents
Children under 6 - free when accompanied by an adult

Special group tours can be arranged any day of the week with advance notice for a $25.00 minimum fee.

Historical Significance
The original part of the Exhibit Building built in 1907 was the home of Dr. William Shuey Mundhenk. The building eventually became the Gilbert Funeral Home with additions to accommodate that business. Gilbert Fellers Funeral Home owner, Mr. Fellers sold the building and lot to the Brookville Historical Society in 2006. Funeral Home lamps, a walnut casket and viewing stand indicate the later use of the building.
Military Military Items donated by local veterans include uniforms, memorabilia and pictures from WW I, WW 11, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Liberty Magazines are on display. Local veterans: The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign War and the American Vets groups have been generous with the donation of items and funds for the military exhibit. Society member, Bobbie Walklet, a Marine Veteran of WWII who donated her uniform recently visited the Memorial in Washington and wrote an article about her trip for the Brookville Star. She is a retired teacher at Brookville Schools and a past Historical Society Board Member. She continues to volunteer at the Society. She and many other local veterans have donated items and time for the military exhibit.
Business The Brookville Business Community is well represented with advertising signs, papers, cabinets, memorabilia, and the Smith Drugs Dispensing Center Cabinet and items from Somers Hardware, Somers-Behnken Hardware.
School School Class pictures from Brookville and Pyrmont Schools are on display along with a school desk, band uniforms, sports awards and a light fixture from the 1923 Brookville School.
Agriculture Dr Donald Parker painted a wall mural for the agricultural exhibit. Donald and Joyce (Musselman) Parker have prepared an exhibit about the Bixler-Mussleman Farm which is on the National Register and in the Conservancy Easement. There are several farm implements including wagon parts, cultivator, early grain bin, chicken nesting boxes, tobacco press, and articles about early farming methods. Dr. William Beavers, local veterinarian, donated equipment from his large animal practice when he retired.
Church & Organizations Government and Service Organizations are featured by a Chamber of Commerce plaque and a gas street lamp, There are Eastern Star items including the emblem, flag, sword and chair. The recently disbanded local Eastern Star donated many items about the organization to the Historical Society. Boy Scout Badges and papers donated by Bob Henn; Church plates and advertising fans are on display.
Doctors Dr. Thomas Powell, local Optometrist, retired, donated his chair and testing equipment for a medical exhibit. Many Local people remember Dr. William Braumiller as their Dentist. His chair, cabinet, false teeth molds, and wall mounted x-ray machine are on exhibit with items from Dr. Mundhenk's practice and a painting of Dr. Thomas who many Brookville-ites remember as their Doctor and as a sports enthusiast.
Other Displays The Trophy Cabinet and some of the winnings of Fred C. Koch. He was a nationally know trapshooter who helped bring the trapshooting group to Vandalia. OH.

Furniture and china from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s including a writing desk, table, Victorian tea cart donated to the Society by major donor, Helen (Bryant) Hill are on display.

There is also a reconstruction of a section of the Helen Bryant Hill Log cabin, which was dismantled in 2004.

The Exhibit Building is heated and air conditioned except for the agricultural exhibit in the garage. It is wheelchair accessible and all tours are self-guided.

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