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Log House

Gruenig-Bryant-Hill Log House on Clay Street

Located on the northeast side of Clay Street in Brookville
Sold and moved

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Description and Features

The log house has a high stone foundation that is visible from all four sides. The main entrance is the central bay and the windows are elongated rectangles. The logs were originally chinked together with pieces of wood and stone. The corners of the building come together in a flat notch style. The roof is constructed of metal and is gabled. The chimney was used by a wood burning stove. Because Clay St. was not platted until 1869, this house was moved to its present location.

Historical Significance

It is believed that this building was built in what is now downtown Brookville and moved to its present location sometime after 1869. The buildings construction is estimated to be of the 1830s. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the oldest buildings in the village of Brookville.

Restoration Project - Sold



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